Headache. Sore throat. Swollen glands. Aches in joints. Lethargy. No fever. Help?

Just started? If this just started then I would suspect a viral infection. See an Urgent Care or your Family Doctor for evaluation. If you have had this for weeks or months then it is a little more difficult to say. I would suggest seeing your Family Doctor or a Rheumatologist for evaluation and blood work. Possibilities include arthritis, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, post-viral syndrome.
Fever soon. I am an orthodontist, but it does allow medical opinions. Sorry to hear you are unwell. It appears that with the cluster of symptoms you have, that you have a low grade fever, or it has not started yet. It all seems rather viral. Best of luck. Md weigh in?

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Headaches, slight fever, tender Adamsapple area, trouble swallowing, slight ear pain, swollen glands, no sore throat.30 amox500mg 3x per day. Slightlybetter?

Infection. Sounds like you have a viral infection which should resolve in a few days. This could also be a strep infection which should be covered by the Amoxicillin. Follow up with a physician if you don't continue to improve. Read more...