I have flu, the pediatrician sad that I should stop breastfeeding my 3 months baby because the virus get throught my milk but imnot sure is this true?

Breastfeed! Breatfeeding is the most protective thing you can do to help your infant. You will pass on anti-influenza antibodies to your infant while breastfeeding. Just make sure to take care of yourself.
Flu. Flu is not a contraindications to breast feeding. Place yourself on tamiflu (oseltamivir) and plenty of hydration and continue to breast feed.
Breast feeding. Actually if you don't have fever then it is better to keep breast feeding to give your baby the special infection fighting cells that pass into the breast milk. With fever you are a bit more contagious but not through the milk. Either way you should be pumping and feeding the milk to your child. Hiv does pass through the breast milk but not the flu. For more info: http://bit. Ly/17uttoh.