Hello I'm breaking out in hives everyday in differnt places of my body should I get my blood check to see what's wrong with me?

Depends. If you have had them for <6 weeks, then "no." i would start with generic zyrtec 10mg twice daily and you can add additional Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 25-50mg at bedtime as needed for breakthrough itch at bedtime. If they persist >6 weeks, then see an allergist.
Maybe. If hives have been occurring for longer than about 6 weeks, this would be considered chronic hives and many allergists would check some blood tests including a CBC (blood count), metabolic profile, high affinity ige receptor antibody and possibly ANA and thyroid tests. Allergy trigger is less likely for chronic hives, but if there is a suspicion, then food testing could be considered.