Should I avoid drinking alcohol if I have high cholesterol and borderline blood sugar?

Limit Amount. Depending on the amount consumed alcohol can increase blood sugar and worsen lipid / lipoprotein problems. If possible, abstain from alcohol for several weeks and recheck you laboratory tests. Alternatively, cut your intake by half and check laboratory tests. This approach will indicate the degree to which alcohol is impacting these values.
Right On-Your Right! Alcohol is partially oxidized sugar. Best way to check glucose is hba1c (reflects av. Glucose last 2-3 mo.) & optimal is ?5.0%. Cholesterol (a fat made by every one of our cells) not the correct issue. However, lowering cholesterol production with statins (as a way to lower LDL particle concentrations) has lowered cvds & mortality rates in all human trials to date & atherosclerosis begins ~age 7yr.