Which doctors are most able to treat TMJ disorders? I have been to an orthodontist and 2 oral surgeons, who were unable to successfully treat me.

Depends. Depends on the cause of your Joint Dysfunction. May require a multidisciplinary team to resolve your issues, but you're not going to be "cured" until the cause is codetermined. Ask your General Dentist to reft you to the practitioner in your area with the most success. Don't be surprised of braces and/or joint surgery are the best treatments for you.
No magic. Unfortunately TMJ is one of the last great mysteries of our profession. Some treatments work for some people and then won't work for others. As long as you are aware that it may or may not work, its worth a try.
Depends. Depends on your case. In your complcated case, I would go to the pain clinic at one of the dental school in Philadelphia.
Forest or trees? Most specialists are very trained in one field and know everything about that one area. They see very clearly through their telescope, but unfortunately their field of vision is often limited by their specialty. Tmj issues usually involve the upper quadrant function. Therefore, i would look for someone with a more general background and experience in all aspects of treatments.
TMJ specialist. Some dentists focus on TMJ disorders. Look for them on google.
TMJ. You can try to see a prosthodontist to check for any occlusal (bite) disharmony and or wear of your teeth due to possible grinding. If your problem is not from a dental origin, then you might want to seek your md's advise.
TMJ specialist. Start with a dentist and then see if he/she will need to refer you to a tmj/tmd specialist or possibly another professional. You can go to the website www.Aacfp.Org which lists many dentist who have additional training in treating tmj/tmd. The american academy of craniofacial pain.
Trained\Experienced . This has been my personal experience after 40 years of general practice.Some TMJ symptoms are temporary, minor and easily treated by most dentists who follow some basic & standard protocols.However, few have had real training, experience & insight with the more challenging tmd patients. It's a matter of finding the right one, usually a general dentist who has had taken courses & had the experience.
See below. Find a dentist who specializes in tmj_they are usually called oral orthopedists and can be general dentists or orthodontists trained for this work.
Orthodontist or TMJ . Hello - most orthodontist treat TMJ very successfully. If you are not having luck at the orthodontist office, try and visit a TMJ specialist. Tmj specialists have gone to several years of school after dental school and treat nothing but tmd. You may not have one of these in your area, but ask around and look online.
Reduce Muscle stress. Most of the time TMJ disorders have a great deal to do with a malocclusion, stress, and other neuromuscular difficulties. I would suggest seeing a general dentist that has training in TMJ disorders, who can create a customized mouth guard to help relieve and reduce the trigger mechanism that of muscular contraction that contributes to the disorder. Once relaxed, more detailed analysis can be done.
See an OFP for TMJ. See an orofacial pain specialist for evaluation, CT and treatment. They are the experts in facial pain, headaches and TMJ. You need a professional care to avoid future complications. TMJ is a manageable condition. Take care.