My skin by the bottom of my finger nail is peeling. Why?

Need more info. Can be thyroid / endocrine issue, vitamin deficiency, stress, or other causes. Should see a primary care provider for further evaluation.
Dry skin. Especially this time of year washing your hands with warm or hot water.It can be stinging and burning.Avoid hot water.Use moisturizer on affected areas. Aquaphor ointment is a good one to start with.If condition is worst have your pcp check it out for possible yeast infection.

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A sore flesh coloured lump. About the size of a finger nail has reoccurred on my upper thigh. It is moist and peeling. Could it be herpes?

Likely a wart. This is not herpes. If you have a photo -you could show that to a HealthTap doctor or even go see a doctor in the office, I'm sure they could tell you what it is. If you see a doctor in the office, they may even be able to take care of it then and there with cryotherapy for example. Herpes is painful and is characterized by red blister like rashes. It would be good to get more info about your case. Read more...

I have a light colored brown vertical line on my index finger and middle fingernail on my left hand. I used to have a habit of biting my nail and peeling off layers from my nails, could this be a result? Also, I will be seeing my general doctor for a chec

Could be. If it on only one or two nails that argues for a local damage to the nail or nail plate underneath the nail. If it is in the nail proper it will just grow forward and out and you will cut it off. If it was systemic -eI.e. You ingested something- I would expect all of the nails to be affected. See a good dermatologist if you're worried. Read more...