Ok, is their anybody that has a sure fire way to quit smoking other than the patch or gum.?

NoBody. Nothing is a sure fire method to quit unless you are totally committed to quiting and if you are then any of them will work. I have had good success with essential oils of lavender (calming), peppermint (drying/opening) & orange (focus and mentally uplifting). Breathed from the palm of the hand three times daily and as needed for urges www.Medacpc.Com.
No "surefire" ways. Nicotine replacement therapy also includes lozenges, inhalers and nasal sprays. An antidepressant called bupropion (zyban or wellbutrin) increases quit rates, and a newer drug called Chantix (varenicline) increases quit rates to over 40% when combined with a formal smoking cessation program. Contact 1-800-quit-now or your physician to get referral to a smoking cessation program.