What are the odds of me having a instant heart attack from trying cocaine or coke for the first time?

TOO HIGH TO RISK. Even if it's "only" 1 in 500 it's too high to risk.
Only takes one. No one knows for sure but it only takes one heart attack to kill you. I have seen more than a few patients get a heart attack from one line of Cocaine or one hit of crack - whether they were a first-time user or not. And the heart attack is frequently very painful. Just be aware - you know it's bad for you for many reasons but just know the risk even for the first time user.

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Do you risk heart attack every time after cocaine?

Risk. Yes. Cocaine can cause coronary spasm, which limits blood flow to that portion of the heart. Does this happen every time? Do you want to risk potentially damaging your heart?

Is a person who has been using cocaine for several years at a big risk for a heart attack if they're only a teenager?

Yes! Yes they can die with a sudden death arrythmia even as a teenager.
Yes. A person can overdose on Cocaine and die at any time. Cocaine weakens the blood vessels and the connections between them. A person can die suddenly from a dissecting aneurysm. Chronic Cocaine use can cause irreversible damage to the brain. The substances used to "cut" the coke can cause severe liver damage. Cocaine addicts will either end up in jail, a hospital or the cemetery.
Yes. When used yor blood pressure increases plus it causes the arteries of your heart to (vasoconstrict) close up and lead to a heart attack. Other effects of cocaine are stroke, and arrhythmias which can also be fatal. Although no definitive treatment is available we have promising medications that can help both with withdrawal and dependency.

What should I do to prevent a stroke or heart attack if I snort cocaine?

Cocaine. Stop using Cocaine and control risk factors like blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
Stop cocaine. It is a powerful drug with many unpleasant outcomes.

Intermittent chest pain. BPM around 90 resting. Blood work normal and work out regularly with no issues. Did some cocaine. Less than a gram. Would this be palpitations or symptoms of a heart attack? Never drank coffee and quit Red Bull 4 months ago

Chest pain, BPM round 90. Did the palpitation occurred at the time you were doing cocaine? . Cocaine induces, coronary artery spasm, and depending on the dose the spasm may be of a high level, well documented cases of MI and death have been reported. I would strongly suggest to drop the drug, as with time, the addiction will have no return, go to a clinic for addiction, is free, and see aDr. To help you with medication.
See MD ASAP. 37 yo gentleman with cheat pain in the setting of drug use. Please see an MD as soon as possible in the ER & call 911 if you are experiencing chest discomfort.

Should I worry about coke causing stroke or heart attack?

Absolutely yes! Cocaine can cause accelerated coronary artery disease (CAD) as well as problems with brain circulation. It's typical to see younger patients with a history of chronic use of Cocaine who have early onset of cad. You should consider stop using and consider being checked out for cad.
Yes. I am assuming you mean Cocaine and not coca-cola. If cocaine, then absolutely yes. Cocaine can cause heart attack (and a quite wicked one at that) through spasm of the coronary arteries. The same thing can happen in the brain causing stroke.