Can an ear infection caused tooth pain?

Possible. Pain is often referred between the ear and the lower teeth. If you have an earache, you may also get pain in your lower molars. If you have a toothache, sometimes it can make your ear hurt. Your physician can look in your ears and your dentist can check your teeth. Between the 2 you should be able to find the cause.
Yes. An ear infection can give a symptom of tooth pain and a tooth infection can be perceived as ear pain. Internal pain is referred or broadcast to certain parts of the body based on the nerves involved and where they have skin branches. Chest pain can be felt in the jaw, gallbladder pain in the shoulder and likewise the two examples listed above. If there is no hearing loss it may not be ear inf.
Depends. If you are having a tooth that has an infection, mostly wisdom teeth/third molars they can cause ear aches, removing or extracting the tooth will take care of the problem, will need to see x-ray film to determine if that is the case.