I suffer with sticky stools don't seem to be able to have a full bowel movement leading to irritation through the day?

Many possible causes. This might be caused by inappropriate diet, poor digestion, imbalances of GI flora like candida overgrowth, hypothyroidism etc. I advise evaluation by a good holistic doc- see http://www.Abihm.Org/search-doctors. Fiber & fluids might help.A detailed article on this subject is at http://www.Fibermenace.Com/gutsense/transition.Html even though this is from a commercial website it gives good advice.
Use caution. Sticky can sometimes be due to presence of blood, if stool very dark/black (or red), see doctor asap. If not, first start is always more fiber to soften & improve "flow." can use any gentle diet aid--powder, drink, gummy, tablet. Just try daily for about a week and see if improvement. If not, then should ask a gastrointerologist.