What is a role of becasule capsule?

Becosule. It's a multi- vitamin supplement.. Generally, I do not recommend vitamins or supplements unles there is a proven need. Claims of increased energy, stamina, memory, etc are totally false, and no vitamin or supplement will provide any benefit unless there is a deficiency. A normal balanced diet will provide more than enough of these substances, in their most readily absorbable form.
Becosules Capsule. Is a b complex vitamin. Each capsule should contain: thiamine mononitrate 10mg + riboflavine 10mg + nicacinamide 100mg + pyridoxine hcl 3mg +cal. Pentothenate 50mg +vitamin B12 15mcg + Folic Acid 1.5mg + ascoribic acid 150mg +biotin 150mcg best to ask the manufacturer of your product what is inside and consult a dietitian.