Hand is swollen, painful, sometimes much colder than the rest of body. I also have pains shooting from little finger almost to elbow. Wrist hurts too.

See doctor ASAP. The coldness of the hand and the pain are worrisome for a blood clot or narrowing of one of the arteries either problem can be very serious. Sometimes, nerve entrapment or spasm in a blood vessel can do this. Get it checked out soon.
Seek med attn. Seek medical attention. Assuming you did not have a mechanism of injury, a vascular vs rheumatologic cause needs to be evaluated.

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7 yr old daughter broke elbow last night on trampoline, hand is swollen and warm, when she moves her fingers her elbow hurts more. Is this normal?

NO: ER/UC. Get her checked and xrayed at your local ER or urgent care center. Local ice and a sling would be helpful along with peediatric ibuprfen if she is not allergic to this product.
Yes it is. I assume the fracture has already been evaluated and treated. If true, then no worries. Just follow the directions given and keep all followup appointments as scheduled. Hope that helps.
Maybe. Swelling and pain are part of fractures. With elbow fractures you need to pay close attention to their hand. If it swollen the splint may be on too tight and is impairing circulation. If her fingers are a different color than her other hand the splint may be to tight as well. Keep her hand and elbow elevated to reduce swelling. If the swelling or pain are worsening take her back in to be rechecked.

I can not grasp anything and my hand is swollen from the wrist to the tips of fingers pain shotting up to my elbow?

Tennis elbow. Probably this: http://handcare. Assh. Org/Hand-Anatomy/Details-Page/ArticleID/27941/Tennis-Elbow-Lateral-Epicondylitis. Aspx.

Hand at rest little finger crosses over ring finger at top thumb rests under pointer finger sharp pain in middle top of wrist shooting to elbow cause?

Nerve damage. It sounds as if your hand is spasming and possible nerve entrapment. See your doctor to determine cause.
We need imaging. You have imaging which you need to share. This could be arthritis, tendonitis or another soft tissue syndrome. Your description sounds like you have contractures a rheumatologist can help guide you to answer.
Carpal spasm. Have your doctor check your electolytes and mineral levels. Likely need calcium, potassium, or magnesium.