If my partner and I both have genital herpes and we are sexually active together with that cause more breakouts?

No. If both of you have genital herpes, then there is no higher likelihood of infection. However, genital trauma to the skin (from rough intercourse) can sometimes predispose to a herpes outbreak. This doesn't imply a new infection, rather a reactivation of the virus.

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My first and only genital herpes break out was over five years ago. Is it safe to be sexually active without passing it to my partner w/o protection?

Herpes. You are most likely not very contagious. But the newest information about herpes is that you can still shed virus and be contagious at times that are impossible to predict even when you have no sores. All sexually active adults should know their herpes status since 90% of those with herpes do not have sores or outbreaks.

If I have genital herpes that I caught from my sexual partner (presenting below the belt) is fellatio okay? I contracted herpes (genital type) from my (now) monogamous (formerly sexually active with others) sexual partner through below the belt intercours

The. The short answer here is that herpes virus is contagious wheter or not you have active lesion, although a greater chance to be transmitted when active lesions are present. If oral sex is performed by either partner, the person performing the act is susceptible to contracting the virus and thus at risk for a herpes outbreak on the mouth, in the mouth, and even throat in some cases. The bottom line is to always protect yourself with condoms and dental dam. Take care.

Sexually active, I use a condom every time. Chances of me contracting hiv? Also, had sex with a genital herpes female. Says only 1 outbreak Am I safe

Condoms leak. They are made of rubber (no pun intended) and they are not impermeable. You are thinking about viruses here. Doctors have been told to double-glove for a reason!!
Safe enough, but... Have sex with only one person. Also, one can get HIV through sex only if the other person has it, so just check with the other person. If worried about herpes, which can infect an uninfected person on the areas not covered by a condom, the infected partner can talk with a doctor about preventive drugs. But, if both partners are already infected with both Herpes types, it's late for prevention.

Cluster of small, somewhat red raised bumps, not itchy, on upper thigh. Is this genital herpes? Never been sexually active, had cold sores in the past

Not herpes. You cannot have genital herpes if you never had sex; genital herpes is unlikely to first show up as a rash on the thigh; and your description doesn't sound like HSV. This definitely is not genital herpes, and also not HSV1 from your oral infection. If the rash continues to bother you or doesn't clear up, see a doctor for professional diagnosis.

If u and ur partner both have genital herpes, when is it ok or not to engage in sexual relations?

You both have it. Since you both already have it there is no issue. Other than your own pain and discomfort there is no reason to avoid intercourse with each other. Since both have it there is not risk.

What can cause genital herpes without having any type of sexual contact?

Any Direct Contact. Genital herpes is essentially spread by direct contact with an infectious area. It is very common and easy spread. Genital herpes can be spread even if you or your partner don't see any sores - orally or genitally. Valtrex (valacyclovir) has been shown to reduce, not eliminate the risk for asymptomatic transmission. Condoms can help but contact outside of the condom covered areas can result in infection.