Does hydrogen peroxide and folic acid needs doctor's prescription?

Rx for folic acid. Hydrogen peroxide does not need an rx, nor does Folic Acid at low doses. Just head over to your local druggist and pick some up!

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Is it proven that hydrogen peroxide has been so effective in curing BV as well as folic acid?

Not proven but... There are many home remedies reported to help bv, though little research to tell what works best.Popular remedies include douching with diluted hydrogen peroxide, boric acid suppositories, using acidophilus vaginally & taking Folic Acid &b complex orally. At this website- www.Earthclinic.Com/cures/bacterial_vaginosis.Html many people who have had BV discuss their success & failures with treatment. Read more...

Would it be fine to take a higher dosage of folic acid without a doctor's prescription?

YES. Higher doses of Folic Acid have been found to be improve sperm quality, reduce birth defects, lower risk of macular degeneration, and reduce homocysteine level associated with cardiac disease. It's also essential for the production of red blood cells and preventing anemia. It's generally safe because it's water soluble. So, toxicity risk is low. Nevertheless, it's best to take b-complex with it. Read more...