Can taking Plan B prevent me from getting pregnant in the future?

No. Plan b should not prevent you from conceiving in the future.
Agree w Dr. Chin. Use of emergencuy contraceptives should not impact ability to become pregnant (not including this current cycle).

Related Questions

I ovulated yesterday and had unprotected sex today. If I use plan b now will it prevent me from getting pregnant?

Possibly. Plan B really only works if you use it right before your body releases the signal (LH) from the brain (pituitary) to release an egg from the ovary. If you're beyond this moment, then it won't work, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. It definitely decreases your risk if used at the right time and worthwhile to do because it's safe.

2 weeks ago, instead of taking Plan B after sex I took 1 hour before. Does it still prevent me from getting pregnant? Today I'm spotting, is it period?

Plan B will. Most likely work - BUT please remember that Plan B is designed to be taken after an episode of failed birth control - not before it. The spotting could be a period or a side effect of Plan B One Step.

Am I at risk for getting pregnant again having unprotected sex a day after an abortion? And can I take Plan B to prevent it?

Risk. You will not like the answer, but please follow it. You just had an abortion. Then immediately had unprotected sex the next day. You seriously need to think things through. The first question is why am I having unprotected sex. I know it can produce pregnancy and potentially serious disease. You need to contact where you got your abortion and get some counseling.

She recently had unprotected sex. She DOESN'T want to get pregnant. Any tips on avoiding getting pregnant? How to know? Did NOT take Plan B pill.

Sure, with willpower. It's great that a teen does not want to get pregnant. Because the whole point of sex (in nature) is to make babies, the way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. So, she must use her brain and willpower, to promise herself that she won't have sex again until... probably after the wedding. For yesterday's problem, she must tell her doctor how many days after sex it is, so her Dr. Can advise her.
Wize up. Sex has little to do with romance at her age and if the idea of contraception makes her feel icky, she needs to wise up. If she participates she must use contraception to avoid pregnancy and maybe avoid some of the sexually transmitted diseases that can make her sterile. Educating herself about all the risks may allow her to decide to wait a while. If she misses her period, have her test her pee.