Having some side effect. From 10 mg pravachol (pravastatin). Can I take it just 3 times a week and still get the benefits. What is pravachol (pravastatin) half life.?

Half Life is 1.8h. Not much benefit from thrice weekly pravastatin. The usual adult dose is 40mg, so 10mg is a very low dose to start with. One could withdraw the drug and keep an open mind as to whether the symptom is relieved. This could still happen by chance but is one way to separate "side effect" from other problem.
Yes, But Weak Statin. Atherosclerosis begins in childhood & cholesterol (a fat made by every one of our cells) is not the correct issue. However, lowering cholesterol production with statins (as a way to lower LDL particle concentrations) has lowered cv ds & mortality rates in all human trials to date. Pravachol is a weak statin, crestor, (rosuvastatin) in human trials, more effective & safer. Get NMR particle test & better options.