Can I have fibroids removed through laparoscopic surgery?

Absolutely. Fibroids can be removed via laparoscopically, with robotic-assist, or through an open incision. However, this is a skill that only the top gyne laparoscopists possess. Do your research before signing up for this procedure.
Yes. It depends on their size, location within the uterus, skill and experience of the surgeon, and availability of the right kind of instrumentation and surgical assistant(s). Other factors include whether you have had previous surgery, obesity, and it is also important to factor in whether future fertility is important. If pregnancy is not desired, it can be considerably safer to do a hysterectomy.
Yes. Fibroid removal, in some cases, can be done laparoscopically. Ability to do this will depend on the location of the fibroid, prior surgical history, position of the uterus, & availability of a skilled laproscopic gynecologist. One of the nation's leaders in laparoscopic gynecology, traveling to many teaching institutions across the country teaching this, is located in ca. Message me for more info.
Yes. Laparoscopic myomectomy requires a certain skill set with the laparoscope. It could be very rewarding when done appropriately and a lot less invasive then the traditional open approach.
Yes. Of course, this depends on the size & possibly location. Robotic surgery has made this feasible without an open abdominal incision in many cases. Find a gyn surgeon with that skill.
Yes. Under most conditions, fibroids can be removed with th laparscope. The robotic assisted procedures give the surgeon a real advantage in the repair of the uterus.
Yes. I remove fibroids all the time through robotic laparoscopy. That is much better for removing the fibroids that traditional laparoscopy. In fact that is really becoming the standard of care for most fibroid surgeries now.
Yes. Well trained laparoscopic surgeons will be able to perform myomectomies with minimally invasive techniques. Another instrument called a morcelator would be used to remove the fibroid in small pieces through a fairly small 14 mm incision. Brignonimd.Com.
Absolutely! Robotic-assisted or laparoscopic surgery are optimal ways to remove most symptomatic fibroids. In experienced hands the surgery is almost as fast as open surgery with far less pain, recovery time and risk for bleeding, fever, or infection. It is a win- win for the patient and doctor in many ways.

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I have to get laparoscopic surgery done to removed endometriosis and fibroids, how painful will it be? Recovery

Its hard to say. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Typical recovery from laparoscopic surgery is about 2 weeks. Assuming no complications. Talk to your doctor about pain medication usually prescribed after surgery. Read more...
1-2 weeks. Typically you can go home the same day as the petition, and return to normal activity level as tolerated by pain and discomfort, which is usually 1-2 weeks. If there are any problems, all bets are off, and it would depend in the nature and severity of the problem. Chance for problems is low, but everything in life has some risks. Good luck. Read more...

27 yrs old unmarried. Recently, laparoscopic surgery done (removing large 8cm uterus fibroid).After surgery, how many days bleeding goes on?

Bleeding(answer 1) First of all and probably most important is where exactly is the bleeding at? Next is for how long has the bleeding been taking place? Then, how much bleeding is there? If it is at the skin incisions, for just a day, and just spots of blood on your dressing, then I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep your routine follow up appointment. If it is from your vagina or skin incision, for just a day or. Read more...