Please someone tell me how to handle having hpv. What if you didn't know you had it, thought you might be at risk for it, but had sex anyway?

Regular exams/paps. Prior to the vaccine as many os 70% of randomly selected college age women had blood evidence of past HPV infection.The recommendations for periodic pelvic exam with pap smear came along before the association of cervical cancer was known.The public's new awareness changes the focus, but the management of your life does not need to change.You can have antibody tests to detect past disease.
Talk Before Sex. People need to be able to talk about their sex lives and any issues before having sex. If you are unsure that you have hpv or any std, then recommend that you both go and get checked before advancing into a sexual relationship. If you are unable to discuss your sex life with a potential sex partner, then you probably are not ready to have sex with that person. Now, you have to talk.