What can you do for nasal inflamation (congestion) outside of common allergy medication. Nasal sprays don't agree with me, sinus rinses don't help.?

Identify trigger. The best "treatment" for nasal inflammation is to identify why it occurs. An allergist can provide skin testing to help identify the trigger. With that, avoidance measures can be taken. Other treatment options include: breathe right nasal strips and if necessary allergy injections. There are many nasal sprays now on the market and some people prefer one over the other.
Have you been tested. Nasal congestion can be allergic or nonallergic. If you are allergic, you have lots of options, like avoiding triggers, different prescription allergy meds, or even allergy shots. You need to be allergy tested to see if any these can help. If you are nonallergic, then the best medicines are nasal sprays, although decongestants like pseudo Ephedrine can help.