What is a pessary?

Support. A pessary is a nonsurgical treatment to help women with pelvic organ prolapse (fallen baldder, uterus). There are any variations on the device, but all are placed into the vagina and remain there to support the pelvic organs. It is usually placed by a gynecologist or urogynecologist.
Bladder support. It's a device inserted into the vagina to help support your bladder to help prevent urinary incontinence (leakage).

Related Questions

What is a pessary used for? Are pessaries still being used, in the modern era?

Incontinence. Pessaries are used for urinary incontinence. There are used even today to a specific class of patient. Postmenopausal, not sexually active, with contraindications for surgery.

What are cyclogest (progesterone) pessaries?

Release hormones. These are pessaries used by ivf doctors to support early ivf pregnancies. Early pregnancies need Progesterone to keep going and typically ivf doctors use some sort of supplementation.

Could a pessary be used when the skin is fragile-easily abradded? What are contraindications of pessary?

Usually not. Pessaries can cause ulcerations if they cause too much pressure usually from improper fitting. However, very friable vaginal tissue will ulcerate easier. Low estrogen or infections can also contribute to this. If able, estrogen cream helps. There are no real contraindications, if it works, use it. If you can't void or remove it yourself, consider other options.
Maybe. Depending on how fragile the tissue is. Vaginal estrogen may be helpful in improving the skin. There are very few contraindications for a pessary. Avoidance of use in patients at high risk for fistula formation, infections present, allergies to product.