My latest LDL 88 HDL 46 trgl 115 tc 153, would you consider taking cholesterol medicine for these numbers such as 10 mg pravachol (pravastatin).?

Depends on Particles. Cardiovascular (cvd) risk is related to LDL (ldl-p) and HDL (hdl-p) particle number. Because cholesterol in LDL and HDL particles is highly variable, ldl-c and hdl-c levels often disagree with ldl-p and hdl-p. When cholesterol and particle number disagree cvd risk tracks with ldl-p and hdl-p, not ldl-c or hdl-c. For high risk patients ldl-p goal is < 1000 (option < 800), otherwise goal is < 1300.
Probably not, but... Unless you are at very high risk for heart disease, your numbers are actually quite good. Very high risk patients have a history of heart attack or stroke, diabetes, or artery blockage or two of the following: smoker, high blood pressure, family history of early heart disease, or age >45 (men) or >55 (women). Your doc will know how to risk-stratify you based on your medical history.

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My cholesterol is 156, triglycerides 121, HDL 51 and LDL 81. I'm taking pravachol (pravastatin) right now should I countinue taking it or can I stop?

NO. Never stop medication without speaking to the doctor that prescribed it for you. Although your numbers are currently great stopping the medication usually will allow those numbers to go back to prior elvated levels. Your doctor is also aware of your history and health conditions that may warrant continued treatment regardless of the normal numbers. Stay well. Read more...
Continue. Your labs are likely better because you are on medication. If you stop your cholesterol will go up again. Read more...