I cannot hear well out of my left ear. If I get a doctor to puncture my eardrum and suck out the wax behind my eardrum, won't that damage my hearing?

Ear exam first. Your knowledge of the ear is unfortunately incorrect. Wax forms in the external ear canal in front of the ear drum. Therefore, if wax blocking the sound from reaching your ear drum it can fe removed almost painlessly. There is absolutely no reason to puncture your ear drum. You need an audiogram (hearing test) to find your level of hearing.
Misunderstood. The ear wax is in the ear canal, before the ear drum. Removing the wax will help considerably. The procedure is very safe. Good luck from nyc.

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Do I have a perforated ear drum? I have had chronic earaches since I was a kid. Lately I have noticed that I cannot hear well out of my left ear, and I do hear the ocean sound. I put some ear drops in (left over from my last doctor visit), but it hasn't

High . High pressures generated from a valsalva maneuver that you performed could generate the type of sound that you described if you had a perforation. Also, if you tasted your eardrops that could be an indirect sign of perforation as a pathway from your ear canal, through a perforation, down the eustacian tube, and into the back of your throat. If you haven't seen an ent, it may be wise to have this checked, get a hearing test, and discuss options for possible corrective surgery if you have a perforation, or other appropriate tympanomastoid surgery depending on the severity of the problem. Read more...