Pls advice me, which test I will need if I suspect minor fungal/other infection in my lungs, coz inspite 2antibiotics, still ve fever, chesty cough?

Possibilities..., If routine cultures of your sputum (that you cough up!) are not revealing the cause of your symptoms, you may need more testing. This testing may include chest x-ray(if not done), cat scan of your chest and a bronchoscopy where a scope is placed into your airways and samples are obtained for all kinds of testing including fungal, tb, cytology, etc. You would need to see a lung doctor! good luck!
Pulmonary mycosis. If you suspect that you have an invasive fungal infection of the lungs you will need to have your doctor (or have your doctor consult an infectious diseases or pulmonary medicine specialist) evaluate you w/a ct of the chest (if chest xrays not helpful) followed by specific testing for fungal organisms endemic to the area in wh/you live or have traveled & possibly a bronchoscopy for tissue/cultures.