Why do I have a heart beat in my stomatch?

Your heart. Is adjacent to your stomach. It is possible that you are feeling its pulsation there. Also, it is possible that you feel your abdominal aorta. If you feel a wide structure with a pulse in your abdomen, have it examined by a doctor.

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Why can I feel a heart beat in my stomatch?

Heart beat in stomac. Your stomach is close to your aorta and the far end of it (the duodenum) passes right over the aorta. The pulse you are feeling is from the aorta, and is normal. Most easy to feel when your stomach is empty.

Why does my stomach have a heart beat and is hard?

Are you thin? Hi. At 15 years old, with a thin abdomen, it should be pretty easy to feel your aorta, the largest artery in the body. It pounds with every beat of your heart.
PULSATION FROM HEART. You are just feeling the abdominal Aorta beating which is a large blood vessel originating from heart and can be felt pulsating in stomach especially in thin people. But if it feels hard tell your parents to take you to your pediatrician to get checked.

Why do I feel a heart beat in my stomach?

RU thin? If you're very thin, it's entirely normal. Otherwise, it's likely that you're in a position to amplify your heart beat such as lying left side down in bed (?). It's possible your heart is skipping beats (the beat that follows is typically extra strong). Once you feel your heart, even normal, it's hard to ignore it. We call this normal condition "cardiac awareness". A full checkup might reassure you.