Constant headache in right side....Ears free of wax, but feel pressure in ear?

Possible TMD. Consider seeing a physician who can rule out an ear problem and a dentist who can diagnose tmd. For a list of specialists www.Aaop.Org and www.Aacfp.Org.
Maybe jaw issues. A focal headache with problems near the ear may indicate a TMJ dysfunction, and migraines can be also unilateral. Might be worthwhile to have your dentist check jaw alignment, as a nighttime splint may reverse all of this.

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Had hysterectomy 11 weeks ago. Kept ovaries. Have constant head aches, ear pressure for weeks. Had bloodworK, head MRI, ENT appt. All normal. Any ideas?

Continue evaluation. A hysterectomy should not cause the symptoms that you mention. It sounds like you are already seeing an ENT and have had a fairly extensive work up. A neurologist may be the next best step in your evaluation. The ENT you are seeing who had more info than us may also be able to suggest the next steps in your work up. Read more...