Can dr tell if you need gallbladder out just by blood tests?

No. Gallbladder disease is most definitively diagnosed with a combination of history, physical examination, blood work and ultrasound of the abdomen. There are many diseases that can mimic gallbladder disease, and thus ultrasound and occasionally nuclear medicine scanning are also necessary for correct diagnosis.
Sometimes. It really depends and the duration and severity of symptoms. A good clinical story and appropriate physical exam can usually demonstrate a high probability of gallbladder problems. Blood tests and imaging studies and then confirm the diagnosis.

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Had blood tests, u/s, hida scan all done but not showing enough disease Drs say 2remove gallbladder now ordering MRI will that show enough to remove?

MRI reveals more. MRI shows more details than the other tests. If you have jaundice (yellow color) or chronic abdominal pain then it is worth investigating before surgery.

I have had my gallbladder removed but I am experiencing a similar pain again, what could it be? Blood tests and chest X-ray are normal.

Need to see MD. Need work up to find the causes of your pan, most common problem adhesion formation, and pull from the scar tissue, some time you may have small stones in the bile ducts, other causes like ulcer etc possible see you doctor will do the tests and find out the cause of your pain.
The list is long. The most frequently removed organ by general surgeons in the us is the gallbladder. Pain that persists or returns can happen. With gallstones, one might have escaped into your bile duct, causing pain. An ultrasound for duct size would be helpful. Ulcers and gastritis, . Irritable bowel, sphincter dysfunction can all mimic gallbladder trouble but don't get better start anew and see your doctor.

What else has symptoms similar to gallbladder pain? Gallbladder was removed 1 year ago. Ct, blood tests normal. Pain is worse when consuming alcohol.

Ulcer, gastritis. Sounds like upper gastrointestinal issues to me. Talk to your doc and consider getting an upper endoscopy. If you smoke, stop.
Cholestatsis. Alcohol dehydrates you. The bile in your liver gets like mud. It causes the same pain. If it all goes away with 2 days of super hydration (no alcohol) then you have your answer. Bragg organic apple cider vinegar about a tablespoon a day will help.

If a ultrasound blood tests and CT scans of the liver and gallbladder are normal can there still be problems with the liver or gallbladder?

Possible. For example, you may have hepatitis, yet normal liver function tests and a normal ultrasound...Hepatitis is also tested for in the blood, but maybe that was nor done?, etc. If you feel you have problems, get an evaluation, and depending on the history you provide and the examination, the provider may order tests if they feel it necessary. Best wishes.
May be... Fact: despite medical advance, all care is still based on indrect evidence resulting from continual collection and analysis from available experience so we apply current knowledge, skill, technology, drug, common sense, and wisdom at reasonable time in reasonable way to reasonable patient hoping to optimize self-healing process for optimal functional recovery with patient's residual strength.

Freq yellow burning stools, ruq pain, 2 severe attacks but gallbladder us normal, cck hida 53%. Stool and blood tests normal. Celiac neg. Possibly gallbladder still? What else

Abd pain. Gb is possible but with gb us being normal and hida being normal - don't agree to gb removal. It can make things worse! Irritable bowel syndrome is high on the list. Talk to your doc about that. You will need to modify your diet. Not sure what you're eating, but chances are dietary modifications can help, at least somewhat.
Irritable bowel. Doesn't sound like the gallbladder. One important piece of info would be whether or not the cck administration reproduced your symptoms. If it did, may still be the gallbladder. Otherwise think about irritable bowel. Hope this helps!
Probably not. The gall bladder. The likelihood of significant gallbladder disease with a normal hida scan is small, unless you have gallstones. Probably something else GI related though.