White thick discharged no itchy or burning. Am pregnant or is it the infection?

Hard to say. Check a pregnancy test if you miss your period. If you have an abnormal discharge, that may be an infection. See your doctor for an evaluation.

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Had ongoing vaginal discomfort, white thick discharge onion smel at times, burning, itchiness, &alot of rednes, all test for infections come back negativ?

Yeast infection? Vaginal itching and a cottage cheese-like discharge could be signs of a vaginal yeast infection. You can try using over the counter yeast infection medication (like miconazole) if you have these symptoms. If the symptoms persist after this treatment, it should be evaluated by a doctor since it could mean a different diagnosis.

White thick Chunky discharge 24weeks pregnant no itchiness or burning?

White discharge. Candidial yeast infection is very common in pregnancy see your OB it is easily treated.