My sister is 18 weeks pregnant and the doctor told that it is an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor advised to abort the baby but she wants to continue with it. Is it dangerous for her?

Yes possibly. An ectopic pregnancy is one outside the uterus. That can be quite dangerous for hte mother due to bleeding from the pregnancy inside the mother. However, most ectopics are in the 6-10 week range. An 18 week ectopic is very unusual, which makes me question the diagnosis. Get a second opinion, but if it is really outside the uterus, it can be life threatening.
YES. Ectopic pregnancy literally means that the fetus is implanted in a place other than uterus. It is advisable to abort the fetus before the mother goes in for complications and the complications are serious including bleeding and death. Depending on where the fetus is implanted, it needs to be aborted on an emergency basis.
Very. Visualize this scene.A person has an ectopic pregnancy which must develop a large blood supply from surrounding tissue.Since the surroundings are not designed to support a pregnancy, the ectopic eventually grows too big & tears away from the tissues leading to massive internal bleeding.Unless recognized quickly & the bleeding stopped (emergency surgery), mom & baby are dead within minutes/hrs.
Yes. Ectopic pregnancies will cause massive internal bleeding and if ot treated emergently will cause death from hemorrhagic shock.

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Would doctors be able to detect ectopic pregnancy when doing surgical abortion for normal pregnancy?

Please Clarify. No. But, why? A person cannot be pregnant twice at the same time. Ectopic pregnancy happens outside of the uterus, thus it would not be diagnosed during a surgical procedure in the uterus. Read more...

Will the doctor rule out ectopic pregnancy before performing an abortion?

Ought to! The gynecologist planning a pregnany termination procedure should have already considered and excluded an ectopic or heterotopic pregnancy! sometimes, the first clue is the pathology from the uterine evacuation revealing no trophoblast - that is essentially a diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and its site has to be determined asap. Read more...

If you have had an abortion and ectopic pregnancy in the last 48 months. What are the chances of being able to hold a pregnancy full term?

Ask your doc. Who took care of u cause your doc knows what your tubes or tube is like, and if everything else is normal obviously your risk of having a normal preg is lower because of your history, but u shoudld have an evaluation with blood work, cultures hysteroscopy to check the uterus and hsg to check the tubes before u try again. Read more...

Would you bleed after taking the abortion pill if they thought you might have a ectopic pregnancy and if you did bleed does that mean it worked?

Any pattern possible. If the abortion pill works you will get bleeding but the bleeding does not necessarily mean it was successful and does not eliminate the possibility of an ectopic. This is why follow up is important to confirm that all is back to normal. Read more...