Iam allergic to cats and my inhailer isn't workin will humitifyer work or air filter. Or should I git rid of my cat. I do have asthma..

Cat bad for asthma. The best way is to remove the cat and thoroughly clean the house, including carpeting and furniture. If you are not willing to do that, see an allergist and consider getting on desensitization (allergy shots), which would decrease y our problem. A humidifier will not work, a hepa filter air purifier and preventing the cat from getting into the bedroom may help.
Say Goodbye to Cat. Unfortunately, the best solution is the toughest one--you should not have a pet cat. However, even if you remove the cat from the home, it may take months for the cat allergen that is in the home to go away. A humidifier will not help and may make things worse. Air filters may help very little. Most importantly, if your asthma is not controlled, you need to see your physician.