Would it be a good idea to take a multivitamin daily along with a whey protein shake?

No problem. Most normal diets in the usa need no vitamin supplementation. On the other hand, many many people take them. The only harm is likely to be in the thickness of your wallet or the length of your credit card bill. My advice to patients is to take anything you feel would benefit you as long as you are positive it will not hurt you. A multivitamin will not hurt you.
Good for the Sellers. Vitamins, small molecules so common in essentially all food such that humans have not maintained every gene/protein-enzyme to construct them out of other molecules (typically missing just 1 step) once discovered were cheap to recover from otherwise food waste & have become a huge market for products to sell. The issue: is taking extra a benefit &, if so, what is the benefit; yet too much is toxic.

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Can my dad use protein powder in his shakes if he is diabetic? He likes the idea that it will give him "strength". Can he take whey protein?

Protein is OK. The protein will be fine. It will not spike his fingersticks. As long as there isn't something else in his shakes or whey that could harm him or raise his glucose levels. In fact, a protein and non-starchy vegetable diet can help diabetics control their glucose levels.
Yes. Keep an eye on the sugar and carbohydrate levels in his shake, and monitor glucose until you can see what effect the shakes might have. He may need to adjust your diet or your medications, depending on findings. This assumes, of course, that he has adequate kidney function. Best Wishes!

I'm 16yrs old....Weight 65kg....Height 5.9....Can I take protein shake (gold standard 100% whey protein) for bodybuilding?

Sure. You're bmi (body mass index) is 21, which for an 18 year old is very healthy. Incresing your protein content during weight lifting can help with increasing your muscle content.
Good kidney function. As long as you remain well hydrated and have good kidney function combined with a balanced diet, protein supplementation when consumed with a exercising regimen is outstanding!

Pea protein shake a good supplemental alternative to whey protein shake for vegans? Is there enough Lysine? Any better alternatives? Thank you.

Lysine in peas. Pea protein powders are reported as having a lot of Lysine. You're more likely to get all your essential amino acids if you use more than one protein source (legumes, whole grains, and nuts). Search for Complete Proteins on greatest. Com.