What does it mean when baby has spot on his heart n all test came back normal?

More info needed. Why was an investigation done on the heart? What testing saw an abnormality. What is meant by spot? Testing neonates for heart issues only occurs after something is found, so there is more to this question than meets the eye. Most newborn heart issues are based upon abnormal anatomy (congenital heart disease). If the anatomy is normal, that is helpful. Talk with your doctor!
Spot. This isn't making sense. If the whole heart tests are normal then they should not make any comment about a spot.
Ask4more description. I do not know what is meant by a "spot on the heart". (sometimes doctors use non-medical terms to try to describe things that are descriptive to non-medical people, but not necessarily meaningful to healthcare providers). I would ask for a more medical description. I do wonder if they are referring to something seen overlying the heart on xray, not connected to the heart at all? Just a thought....