Kidney infection without high fever?

Kidney infection. Means an upper tract issue -- flank pain and fever. More serious than just a bladder infection. Get seen and cultured and get on appropriate antibiotics.

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Er said had kidney infection and if I get high fever I need to go back. What is considered a high fever? Any other reasons id need to go back?

Kidney infection. Fever of10.4, while not high should cause you to go back to the er. If you get lower back flank pain should also be a sign for a return visit.

Do people always run a high fever with a kidney infection?

Usually. Especially if associated with loin pain. Fever could also mean other infections. A fever is a cause of concern and suggests need for prompt medical attention.
Usually. Patients with pyelonephritis usually develop fever which lasts until after 3-4 days of effective antibiotic treatment. Elderly patients with pyelonephritis sometimes do not run fevers.

Was just seen in the ER for ab pain and high fever. Diangosis w/ a kidney infection but have had no and have no painful urination. Is it possible?

Yes. Infection of the kidney may not be associated with burning on urination which is common with infection of urinary bladder. Please complete the course of treatment even if you start feeling better before the course is finished. See this site for info. Http://www. Webmd. Com/a-to-z-guides/kidney-infections-symptoms-and-treatments.

Okay. I have an kidney infection and I'm getting a lot of fevers. I have break outs down there. Is that possible?

If you are on. Broad spectrum antibiotics for your kidney infection, fungal dermatitis is possible. Ask your doctor if any treatment is recommended.

Can you have a kidney infection without obvious signs of a UTI or fever?

Yes and No. Uti is an infection anywhere in the urinary tract and is verified by a positive culture. Most utis involve only the bladder/urethra (aka cystitis: urgency, frequency, burning). A more severe infection results when a UTI progresses to involve the kidneys/ureters (aka pyelonephritis: fever, chills, n/v, back pain, sick). Pyelo may or may not be associated with or preceded by cystitis symptoms.