My prostrate is normal size. I still have to get up two to three times a night how do l get a full nights rest?

Peeing at night. many things can cause peeing at night besides prostate problems. Drinking fluids late at night epeciay alcohol, sleep apnea, low blood K, talking diuretics at night. If legs swell during day and Ho down at night you ate peeing out salt and water at night. Try lowering diet salt as you are eating more than your body can handle during the day. Also a Sx of CHF. I am available for second opinion.
Nocturia. Nocturia is not only due to overall enlarged prostate. 1-just a posterior lobe of prostate might be enlarged and cause going to bathroom. 2- over drinking, "nerve damage in lower back" snoring, sleep apnea, diabetes, diuretics which are blood pressure medication, etc...... Can cause you to go to bathroom frequently. Talk to pcp.