How long is the recovery for osteoporosis knee surgery?

None. There is no surgery for osteoporosis at the level of the knee. If there is osteoarthritis the recovery time depends on the type of surgery performed.
Unknown. Knee surgery is likely not due to osteoporosis and it would depend on the type of surgery and what it treats. Arthroscopy, surgery with a small camera can have a rapid recovery while replacement is substantially longer.

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What is the recovery timeline for knee surgery?

6 weeks. Depending on what is done for surgery. Typical return to normal activity from arthroscopic surgery is at maximum 6 weeks. Longer recovery is expected for ligamentous reconstruction, total knee replacement, etc. Read more...

My sister had arthoscopic knee surgery one week ago. What should the expectation be for recovery and physical therapy?

Quite variable. This will depend upon what type of surgery you had. Simple procedures such as a partial meniscectomy may require no therapy at all, whereas surgery to reconstruct a ligament injury may involve many weeks of formal therapy and months of strengthening and recovery. Read more...