Bladder discomfort daily, but no pain with urination, frequency, urgency. Worse in am. Uti or ic?

Bladder pain? This requires a call to your doctor for an examination to determine the cause of the pain. It may be from some other area than the bladder. Your doctor can determine the cause of the pain and then give proper treatment.
Either. Urinalysis & culture if necessary will demonstrate a uti, otherwise you may have mild ic. Consult with your health care professional and/or www.Interstitialcystitisassociation.Com. In meantime stop drinking oj in case you drink oj in am as this can irritate your bladder lining as can other acid urine producing foods or beverages.
Depends. If the symptoms have been present for a very long time, it is unlikely a UTI since you have become worse. If the symptoms are more acute in nature, it is likely a infection. The timing and clinical history is very important in trying to determine the cause. In addition, one also needs a urinalysis and other tests as needed to make the final determination.