What is a glucose tolerance test?

A check for diabetes. The GTT is a way for us to see who is at highest risk of diabetes. It is recommended that everyone be screened during their pregnancy, usually around 24-28 weeks. We will give you a bottle of a very sugary drink. You have five minutes to drink it all! Then a hour later we do a blood test to see how you metabolized the sugar. If you are high risk you may need further testing or treatment.
TO DIAGNOSE DIABETES. To diagnose diabetes and Insulin resistance, pre diabetes and gestational [ pregnancy related] diabetes.

Related Questions

What is a pediatric glucose tolerance test?

A test 4 Diabetes. A GTT is used if there is a suspicion of diabetes. A glucose level is checked 1st, then the person drinks a standardized drink with sugar, and then two hours later the glucose is checked again. If glucose >200 the patient has Diabetes (type II) whereas 140-200 indicates "pre-diabetes" (at high risk for developing diabetes)

What can the do in a glucose tolerance test?

Drink glucose soluti. You drink a glucose solution and then have blood samples taken at various intervals to be analyzed for glucose level.

What oral glucose tolerance test result indicates diabetes?

Unclear question. There is a set of rules for interpreting the results of ogt and it should be done by your doctor.

What's a 3 hour oral glucose tolerance test (ogtt) for diabetes?

Gestational diabetes. A test for how you respond to known sugar loads in pregnancy and whether you are diabetic from pregnancy... If abnormal, may need to make changes in diet or meds.

Do I need a glucose tolerance test?

Yes. You actually need a glucose challenge test (gct) in pregnancy, which is a 1 hour screening test for gestational diabetes. If your screening test is abnormal then you need the glucose tolerance test (gtt), which is typically a 3 hour test. It is very important that all women are screened for gestational diabetes in their pregnancies.
MAY BE. If you have reason to do so, pregnancy, Insulin resistance, pre diabetic.

How do I do a glucose tolerance test?

GTT at home. Glucose tolerance testing is done less frequently now a days. You can do your own home version geta home glucose testing kit. Do the 1st blood glucose after an overnight fast, have a very hearty breakfast and do a bl glucose 1 hour and 2 hrs after the breakfast. Your fasting bl glucose should be below 200 if above 200 you do not need to do the test, you have diabetes and the result will not cha.
2-hr OGTT. Patients are asked to fast 8-12 hours before the test. Some places can put in a little IV so that blood draws can come from it instead of repeated needles. The first sample or two of blood are about 15 min apart. Then you will get a very sweet drink. Blood will be drawn 30, 60, 120 min (sometimes more frequently) afterward for glucose to see how yor body responds to the sugar drink.