Neck pain from kidneys stones?

No relationship. Kidney stones certainly cause horrible pain in flank and lower abdomen, but do NOT affect neck function or symptoms.
Unlikely. Kidney stone blocking flow of urine causes severe sharp pain which radiates from back to the groin region. Your neck pain is likely muscular but not from kidney stones.
Probably not. There are several joints and intervertebral discs in the neck. These can wear out over time leading to pain. Degeneration of the joints or discs can cause neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. You can also get neck pain from a muscle strain. In some cases pain in the left side of the neck could be related to your heart so be sure to see you physician.

Related Questions

Currently have right kidney pain. I take panadeine/nurophen everyday for neck pain. In the past I had high lipase levels. Should I be worried -scared!

It depends. Panadeine and neurofen usually don't cause damage to pancrease (pancrelipase) on normal dose but in excess they can cause problems to your kidney. If concerned, please see a doctor.

I have been experiencing, lower back right side, pain for about 2 weeks. I have also been experiencing headaches and neck pain.?

Rule out meningitis. If any fever or chills also, u should go to the er to be evaluated for meningitis. Especially if you've had any recent spinal injections.

Causes of lower back, shoulder and neck pain?

Fibromyalgia. It easy for me to say go to your physician for an evaluation, but in this cas that is the right thing to do. When you have pain all over essentially, this is the first diagnoses that comes to mind. The next step is to evaluate you to see if you have what we call "trigger points", (see photo), or other more serious causes of multiple joint pains, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
Posture. Without a history of trauma, neck and shoulder pain can be caused by poor posture, a bad disc in the spine, or an irritated nerve in the neck. Try placing a lumbar support behind your lower back when sitting to help straighten your shoulders. Sit closer to the table and avoid 'hunching' over the plate. If your pain doesn't improve in 2 weeks see your physician.

Tell me if dental problems cause headaches, neck pain and pain in the lower back?

Yes, yes and no. It could possibly cause headache and neck pain but not low back pain.
It's extremely rare. Irregularities in the positions and the alignment of the teeth can and do cause a host of problems, among which headaches are not uncommon. Certainly spasm in the muscle of mastication can cause neck pain. Lumbago is among the uncommon sequelae, and frequently has other etiology, but just to make the point, chronic neck spasm can cause a curving of the back with raising of the hip and sciatica.

What are the best exercises to strengthen upper and lower back/neck pain?

Extension. Neck&back pain can result from repeated flexed postures-examples of this are texting, writing eating. We are frequently in this forward bending position. This can result in disc herniations leading to pain. Repeated extension exercises can help reverse this and strengthen the back. I recommend the book "treat your own back" by r. Mckenzie. Yoga also improves strength and flexibility of the spine.
Its difficult. Its difficult to explain in words without actually showing you or looking at diagrams. Usually core exercises are the best to strengthen he neck and back muscles. These can be found online if you google core strengthening exercises.