Sores on the tongue?

Give it two weeks... If they are still present after two weeks please see a dentist.....
Hard to tell. It needs to be examined by a dentist or oral medicine specialist.

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What causes sores on the tongue?

Can't be sure.. What have you done to it? Taken? Had to drink? Had to eat? Need lots more information to guess at your particular concern. See your dentist for an evaluation.
Lots of things. See your general dentist or an oral surgeon when you have these sores present for a definitive diagnosis. The diagnosis will determine the cause, if known (for some types of sores, the cause is not well understood).
Many causes. Meds, supplements, acidic foods, grinding and consistent biting of the tongue, vitamin deficiency (b12,) nutritional allergies and other allergies. I would possibly keep some sort of diary and try and note what you were doing or eating when there is an outbreak of the sores. If the sores remain, go see a dentist asap.

What could be causing my baby's sores on her tongue today?

Typically thrush. A baby usually has more sugar in their mouth. Sugar is needed for yeast to grow. Yeast is the cause of thrush. If this is on ongoing problem I would have the baby checked to make sure nothing else is going on.

I have sores on my tongue. What do I do?

Your question? What are they? Hard to tell without knowing how long you have them, your medical history, and your habits regarding smoking. If they are there more than two weeks, see your physician.
Irritation? If it is only an irritation or inflammation it will go away after the cause is removed. If there is no irritation then it could be an infection, and finally and most unlikely is a tumor. See an oral surgeon.
Must see them. The list of possibilities is quite large. If you want to know what they are, you need to see a dentist who can tell you. Any lesions in the mouth that last more than two weeks should be examined anyway.

How come I keep getting sores on my tongue?

See a dentist. It is impossible to tell you why your are getting sores on your tongue. It could be many things from allergicreaction to foods, viral, vitamin deficiencies, biting while grinding, and many more. The best thing to do is to see a dentist or oral surgeon about this and find out exactly what is going on.
We can't know why. But a dentist who can go over your medical and dental history and personally examine you can probably tell you why and how best to prevent and\or treat them. It therefore makes sense to see someone, right?

Why do I get these painful sores on my tongue? What can I do about them?

Vitamin B complex. I have had success treating inflamed papilla of the tongue with daily dose of vitamin b complex. If you are prone to it, stay on the vitamin b complex daily to help reduce frequency. B complex not just a single b vitamin. Its water souluable so an excess washes out of your system and not likely to cause a problem.
See a dentist. There are many different sores that can occur on your tongue. Without more information it is hard to give you a direct answer. It may be as simple as a canker sore, or it could be cancer. See a dentist when the sores are present and he or she will be able to give you the best recommendation.
Cause? Very little information given and lots of possibilities. The cause will determine the treatment. You'll need to see a dentist when the sores are present in order to get the diagnosis right. Without a medical and dental history and an actual clinical exam, we could only give you a list of possibilities which will be of no benefit to you.

What causes large white sores underneath the tongue that appeared overnight?

Sore mouth. Aphthous ulcers or an infection, herpetic stomatitis, are common possibilities.
Need eval. This could be viral, canker sores or trauma. The only way to tell for sure is by see your dentist for an exam.

What to do with sores on the tongue? Its painful when I eat on the sides of the tongue

Aphthous ulcer? Aphthous ulcers are quite common and most adult experience it at some point. It is often small of around 1/3 in in size, whitish base with red rim. Despite small, it can be quite painful. The exact cause if not known, but believe to have some autoimmune components. Otc sorethroat spray, motrin/aleve may help. Steroid rinse/paste may help. Herpes ulcer causes some pain too. Consult doc. Good luck.
See your doctor. He may prescribe ointment or paste to help. He may recommend a biopsy be performed usually in the office. There are common causes which are not harmful and there are some causes which can lead to cancer.

Got sores on my tongue they have been occurring normally when I don't eat but they have become persistent now even if I eat twice a day. Causes?

Difficult to tell. In this forum, your symptoms and possible causes are very hard to determine without actually seeing the sores (are they red, white or ulcerated)? Are they flat or elevated? Are they single or clustered? Possible causes: infection, vitamin deficiency, medical issue, allergic reaction, trauma etc. See a dentist for their expert evaluation.
See your dentist! There are numerous possibilities and they need to be investigated by a dentist. There is no way to diagnose this over the internet.
Many causes. May be autoimmune condition. See an oral surgeon when they erupt so he/she can see them and make the right diagnosis.

Are the sores on my tongue herpes?

Herpetic sores. Hi it is hard to say that without looking at the sores and finding out symptoms. However, it is possible that the herpes virus can cause sores in the mouth. Please check with your physician and dentist as soon as possible.