Brain tumor? I notice one pupil is just slightly larger than the other pupil. This happens to be the eye I get migraines in.

Unlikely. Brain tumors are rare.If that is the i you get your migraines in most likely why the highest dilated.Check your eyes when you do not have a headache 10% of the population as a dilated pupili do not know how long you've had your headaches but optic neuritis would also need to be considered.If you not not had your headaches evaluated i recommend that you get your headaches evaluated.
Probably normal. Some people naturally have one pupil larger than the other. If you haven't talked with a doctor about your migraines, you should, just to be sure there is nothing unusual about them.

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Asking for a friend She wants to know if temple hurting and dizziness and eye pain are signs of brain tumor. I told her it was prolly a migraine?

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