What is the chance of vistroeuse detachment/ps cataract?

Very likely. Depending on pre-operative risk factors, about 30-50% of patients develop vitreous detachment after cataract surgery. More info: eyedoc2020@blogspot.com.
PVD + PSC cataract. Vitreous detachment is very common with age, trauma, inflammation, myopia, and other issues. It does not affect vision and does not cause problems in most patients. Psc cataracts are less common and occur in patients with diabetes, trauma, inflammation intraocularly, radiation exposure, and other issues. These cause blurred vision and often need surgery.
Increased. A vitreous detachment refers to the 'jelly' inside the eye, separating from the back of the eye. It occurs naturally as the vitreous shrinks with age. Cataract surgery refers to the removal of the natural lens, and replacing it with a man-made lens. The new lens is significantly thinner than the original lens. The resulting increased space for the vitreous makes it more likely to detach.