How long after pvd will vision be cloudy?

No Clear Association. Pvd does not necessarily cause cloudy vision. The eye conditions which cause cause cloudy vision are cataracts and glaucoma. Pvd may cause loss of visual field through embolization and loss of blood flow to the retina (eye). Sometimes plaque from the carotid arteries will be the source and the can be seen in the back of the eye on an eye exam (holenhorst plaques).
Depends. Unfortunately, because each persons PVD is different from another's and the density of the vitreous jelly is different for each person, PVD can cause cloudy vision for a few days or indefinitely. If the PVD is associated with a hemorrhage that doesn't clear, then this can also prolong the visual cloud. For the garden variety PVD though, most people see improvement in the haze within 1-3 weeks.