Now. I can move my foot and toes, but it's hard to and my toes are numb. Does that mean I broke or sprained my ankle?

Maybe. You didn't mention any injury, trauma or pain, just difficulty moving your numb toes. Based upon that little bit of info, it's best to go see family doc for an evaluation. Numbness might be due to poor circulation, nerve damage or not enough vitamin b12, etc. Diabetes can also cause numbness, too. Stroke can make it difficult to move body parts. Given all these possibilities, it's time to see doc.

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I sprained my ankle 6 months ago. There's still discoloration on both sides, sore, and now numbness in my foot and toes.?

Not only a sprain. A sprained ankle is a very vague term for an ankle injury. A sprained ankle can have numerous pathologies. A simple sprain is a slight stretching of a ligament around the ankle joint that should resolve in a few days to a couple of weeks. This was obviously more than that. An ankle sprain can consist of torn ligaments or tendons, broken bones, dislocations, capsule tears, loose bodies, and more.

My heal is hurting what should I do? About 3 months ago I rolled my ankle on the tile falling from the stairs. I have been attending physical therapy. They said it was just an ankle sprain and my toes would get numb. Now my heal hurts so bad I can hardly

You. You absolutely should get it x-rayed to make sure you don't have a stress fracture. That being said, your choice of the words "on fire" and "numb" make me suspect a nerve injury. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a possibility, but this usually comes on gradually, not right after trauma. You may have a nerve impingement, or something called neuropraxia, which is when a nerve gets stretched suddenly, which you might have done when you fell. Your first order of business is to get whatever is causing your pain diagnosed. You can either go to a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon, have an x-ray, and see about the condition of the nerves in your foot & ankle. Good luck!
You may have. Developed plantar fascitis from changing your gait from the ankle injury. Wear supportive footwear, consider an arch support, and let them give you therapy to the heel region. Stretching excercises of the achilles are beneficial.
Many possibilities. Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present. Heel pain may also be due to other causes, such as, infection, tendonitis, arthritis, stress fracture, nerve irritation, retained foreign body, bone tumor, or a cyst. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

I sprained my ankle 5 days ago and have been wearing a splint. Within the past few hours, my toes/ankle have been numb. Should I be worried?

Worried! Yes, you should be worried and you must contact your primary doctor. More than likely you will be referred to a foot specialist. Hope all goes well - please keep me informed.

I sprained my ankle falling down steps. My foot went completely numb for about 2 minutes. A knot instantly appeared in front of my ankle towards the t?

Sure not broken? I can't read your whole question, but it sounds as though you may have fractured your foot, or busted a vein which resulted in immediate swelling. If you can bear weight on the foot that is a good sign, if not, it's most likely broken. If very painful and very discolored/swollen have it X-rayed if you have not already. Ankle trauma can injure nerves, tendons or dislocated bones requiring surgery.
See a podiatrist. You should see a podiatrist and have your ankle evaluated and treated. You may have broken a bone.

What do you advise if I sprained my ankle about 2 weeks ago and the foot is feeling numb?

See a Clinician. After straining an ankle, desensitization can occur. Once the swelling decreases, feeling starts to improve. If you have complete numbness that is not improving daily, you need to be clinically seen in person to determine if there has been nerve entrapment with severe ankle sprains.
See a podiatrist. It is not uncommon to have some numbness in part of your foot, which is temporary, after an ankle sprain. But if the numbness is persistent I recommend you see a specialist for treatment.

I sprained my ankle two days ago and my doctor says it's a grade 2 sprain. I have numb toes which only came on not even an hour ago. Please help.?

Numb toes. With an injury to the ankle of that magnitude, it can irritate the nerves around these ligamentous structures and capsule. The numbness in the toes should resolve, but this could take weeks to months until this completely resolves.
Numbness. If the ankle was previously treated with a cast that is not removable and the numbness occurred after, you would need to have an exam right away... and likely a cast change. These types of injuries are very common. Best wishes.

I sprained my ankle 4 days ago and it just started bruising however my middle 3 toes are still tingling and numb. Is that normal?

Yes. Yes that is typical of an ankle sprain. Injuring the anterior talofibular ligament causes swelling into to the outside of your foot as gravity takes effect. The ecchymoses (bruising) is also normal as the injured ligament does bleed a bit. Numbness in the toes is commonplace as the swelling is close to the digital nerves in your foot. This also will go away. Best of luck.
Have it evaluated. Numbness may be a sign of nerve damage or compression. Have it evaluated by a professional.