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I am 44 female and the top of my right foot hurts and when I rub it pain shoots down to my big toe and sometime big toe falls asleep?

Nerve pain. You may have crushed a nerve on the top of the foot. Nerves on the top of the foot are easy to crush, a shoe can be the cause. If it continues check with your dr.
Neuropathy. Or affectation of a nerve is what may be causing your problem. I would recommend you see your local podiatrist for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Compression. Or entrapment of the deep peroneal nerve otherwise referred to as anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome is what it sounds like. If there is a bony prominence on the top of the foot, the nerve can get sandwiched between the bone and your shoe. See a doctor as continued pressure can cause thinning of the nerve.

I broke my right foot under my big toe and the arch but my right side of the foot hurts so bad worse than left side cant figure out y?

You changed your gai. You may have changed your gait. You may walk differently On the other hand you may have another fracture that was not picked up initially. We see this sometimes and a repeat X-rays or bone scan can pick that up. Ask your physician to check for this.