What does the "bypass" in bypass surgery mean?

Going around. The grafts in bypass grafting route blood around blockages in the native arteries.

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During quad bypass surgery, my heart was stopped for 5 minutes - does that mean I was dead for 5 minutes?

No. One is not dead until the brain is dead. In addition we say you're not dead until you are warm and dead. During heart surgery the heart is stopped and the patient is cooled, after being placed on the heart lung machine. While on the bypass machine blood is circulated through the body without the heart pumping.
No.... During bypass surgery, the bypass machine takes over the work of the heart so even though the heart is stopped, the bypass machine continues to circulate the oxygenated blood throughout your body and this is what keeps you alive during the surgery.

I'm 5 year out gastric bypass surgery an I have blood in my stool sometime small blood clots what do this mean?

Need exam. This means you need to have an exam. Blood clots are not likely related to the gastric bypass. This may be related to hemorrhoids but may also be related to a host of other things in your GI tract some of which could be serious. You should talk to your local doctor.