Related Questions

Can you take the eye from a living donor and transplant to a blind person?

No. We can only transplant tissues (i.e. Cornea) not the whole eye. Cornea grafts have a high acceptance since they have a bit of immune privilege.

Is eye transplant a possibility for blindness due to head trauma/eye injury?

No. The eye from the retina back to the lateral geniculate and back to the visual cortex is brain tissue. Central nervous system tissue does not regenerate or heal so a complete eye transplant is not possible.

Is eye transplant possible for blindness due to head trauma or eye injury?

Not quite yet... We're getting better but if the brain's visual centers are damaged or the optic nerve is destroyed there currently is no method for repair. If the injury is limited to the retina only - the possibility of a retinal implant theoretically exists. We've still got a long wait for this capability.
Unfortunately no. Although we are making strides in tissue transplant techniques and stem cell therapy, we have not advanced to the point of whole eye transplant. The optic nerve, would need to connect its 1.5 million axons (the "wires" of the nerves) with the brain in a way that cannot currently be done. The cornea (front window) can be transplanted in cases of severe scarring from trauma.
Not yet...but soon. An entire eye transplant is still in the relm of science fiction but researchers at several centers including stanford university and jules stein eye center are working on an artificial retina that can be implanted inside the eye and transmits information to the brain. In addition, stem cell transplants are showing promise and have been performed on patients with retinal diseases and injuries.