Would a CT scan show other problems other than just a "fatty liver"?

Yes. A ct scan of the abodmen provides images that show your entire contents as though you were sliced in two at a given point. While no test shows everything, it shows the bones, soft tissues, organs, intestines, etc., so any issues identifiable by the ct scan can be read by a qualified radiologist and reported to your doctor.

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Would a CT scan show more abnormalities other than just a "fatty liver"?

Whats your complaint. Ct can show a lot of abnormalities if they exist. Fatty liver is often associated with alcohol or metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia), although can be also seen due to more rare causes.

I didn't mention, my CT scan in 2008 said fatty liver but mass lesion is difficult to exclude, 2012, it said liver does not show any definite lesion?

GOOD NEWS. If abdomen ct scan was with contrast (iv and oral) and 'no definite liver lesion' seen then good news for you! Did the fatty liver resolve also? Then double the good news!
Picture quality and. Significant fatty deposition in the liver affects the ct image quality and thus things may not be clearly seen. Ct/mri are good imaging techniques, but they are not perfect and at times artifacts can produce poor picture, worse with patient movement etc...At times causing shadow and thus "mass lesion is difficult to exclude" but now picture is likely a better one, thus no lesion seen! Good news.
Fatty liver common. Fatty liver occurs in about 1/4 of americans, & correlates with obesity, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, significant alcohol intake. Fatty liver can progress to cirrhosis, so patients with fatty liver (especially if abnormal liver tests) really need to: stop drinking, lose weight, control their sugar & cholesterol. So far so good with your x-ray in that tumors are not described on current films.

How is a "fatty" liver diagnosed from a CT scan? Does "fatty" necessarily mean "enlarged"?

CT Scan. Studies show CT Scan will show differential densities to air, fluid, and body tissues such as fat, muscle, vascular tissue, etc. The radiologist will interpret your scan based on the anatomy of your liver and any fatty infiltration that may or may not have taken place. Fatty liver appears non spherical with no mass effect an echogenicity similar to water but can be confused with metastatic disease.

I am 33years old. My BMI is 43. I just had my fifth child. I have been diagnosed with severe fatty liver from a CT scan. What can I do to help this?

Weight loss. Weight loss, slowly but surely, via healthy nutrition & regular exercise is best way to solve fatty liver. Check out http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/nonalcoholic-fatty-liver-disease/basics/definition/con-20027761 for more info on fatty liver. However, morbid obesity as defined as BMI greater than 40, also qualifies one for bariatric surgery. In meantime, avoid alcohol & acetamihophen.
U have to lose wt. High protein/low carb diet, about 1200 cal/day and a regular walking program. Little by little, the fat melts away. Good luck.

CT Scan found a "spot" on "fatty liver", what exactly does the term "non benign" mean?

Not good. Please consult this site for an explanation of the term, "Benign". https://medlineplus. Gov/ency/article/002236.htm Opposite of benign is malignant.