My stomach is really flabby and I want to get a tummy tuck. What are some things I should know before doing so?

Homework needed. There are many resources available online. Most plastic surgeons, like myself, have information on tummy tucks (witch hazel) available on their web site. This can provide good general information about the procedure, what it fixes, what it doesn't and the usual recovery. However, there is no substitute for an in-person consultation with a quailified surgeon. Research your doctor, more than your procedure.
Many. Tummy tuck operation is very effective operation but is associated with a relatively long recovery period, both from the physical and “emotional” standpoints. Adequate preparation and sufficient aftercare are critical. Speaking to patients who have had the procedure performed previously is extremely helpful. Your plastic surgeon will provide with specific preparation and recovery instructions.
The list is long. One good way to educate yourself is to go on the american society of plastic surgeons website and read about tummy tuck. However the bets way is during your consultation because you will the information for you based on your clinical evaluation. Tummy tuck is not one fit all type of procedure.
Not for weight loss. The first thing many people need to know is that a tummy tuck is not used to improve tone or reduce weight. It is ideal for those who have tried this and have good muscle tone, loose skin and close to their ideal body weight. In most instances it removes loose skin following pregnancy or weight loss with approximation of separated muscles. If.
Informed Consent... Consider reading my tummy tuck faq pages: http://psinteractive. Net/abdom3.Htm.
Many. The best way to go about it when you are ready is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. During consultation you will be able to discuss the procedure at length as well as the risks and complications. The internet is a great tool to learn more about the procedure, but won't provide all the information necessary.