Is it common for women to have asymmetric breasts?

Yes. Asymmetry is almost universally present in all aspects of our body from side to side. It can range from minimal differences to large discrepancies. The breasts are no exception. Most breasts will have some difference from side to side. As plastic surgeons, we often say that they are sisters, but not twins.
Yes. Human being are very commonly asymmetric. If you take your facial picture , split it in the middle and than duplicate each half into a full face, you will not recognize youself. Breast asymmetry goes from mild to full blown poland syndrom where one breast might be missing. Surgery can help in achieving symmetry with implants, breast reduction or breast lift .

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Do men consider asymmetric breasts in women a turn off? Had botched implants.

Get a new man. Unfortunately, there are men that are overly concerned wth appearance much as there are women that feel the same way. It is unfortunate that you are not satisfied by your surgery and i hope that you can find someone to correct it. I would be happy to consult with you. Either way, any man should be able to look beyond any breast asymmetry and love you. Feel free to call me. 609 957-5652. Be well. Read more...
Possible. It's not their reaction that's important, it's yours. Please see a qualified plastic surgeon and get multiple opinions before moving forward with correction. Read more...