Could dry eye syndrome be related to using krill oil supplements?

Krill oil for dry ey. Krill oil contains omega 3 fatty acids (as well as strong antioxidants). It should help dry eye syndrome, not hurt it.

Related Questions

Is lutein supplements safe to take for dry eye syndrome? Any side effects?

No harm. Lutein is suggested to improve macular health. There is no evidence of its effectiveness in dry eyes although no harm is done by using it. Consider using flax seed oil as a useful supplement for dry eyes. Read more...

Since eye lid lift surgery 2 yrs ago I have probs with dry eye syndrome. I use Clinitas eye gel and take flaxseed oil caps. Is sea buckthorn better?

No, but. they are not mutually exclusive. Dry eye from exposure (not being able to close the lids all the way) is a common problem after an eye lid lift. The surgeon has to estimate pre-op how much tissue to remove and how far to lift. Surgeons normally take less than what seems perfect to avoid this dry eye problem. All dry eye therapies can be helpful. See eye MD that specializes in dry eye. Read more...