Is it normal to have sore breasts during pregnancy?

Yes. Boy is it! One of the hormones of pregnancy stimulates the breasts to enlarge and start producing milk. This can make your breasts very sore. A good supportive bra can help.
Yes. Yes it common as the breasts can and do grow during pregnancy and as you near term you might start to accumulate milk and this can make the breasts tender, you should ask your OB as well.

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Sore breasts and fast heartbeat during early pregnancy, is this normal?

Pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the breast increases in size and volume. This is a normal physiologic change. Increase heart rate is also a normal physiologic change of pregnancy. However certain heart conditions are unmasked during pregnancy. Please ask your obgyn about these symptoms and to do more possible tests if required.

Is it normal during pregnancy to experence breast pain that runs to my nipples? 15weeks pregnant

very common. Many women will experience breast pains during pregnancy due to the hormones involved. Most will see a decrease around 15 weeks. Let your doctor know so they can make sure this is just normal pregnancy pain.

Does sore breasts occur right before period during pregnancy, or is it consistent throughout the entire pregnancy?

Varies. Pregnant women experience breast tenderness in different ways. For some it is intense. For others not so much. You did not mention if you are actually pregnant or not. If you think you might be pregnant check then check a home pregnancy test. They are cheap, reliable and available at any pharmacy. Do not try and guess at pregnancy based on an unreliable symptom such as breast tenderness.